Slide Design Project

This project was so much fun! I took President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk, “Happiness, A Heritage” that he gave in the October 2008 General Women’s Broadcast and simplified my favorite part into 9 slides to go along with it! When he talks about creating, it really strikes a cord with me. I love to create and this class teaches us just one way we can do that! But, I love to create so many different things. I love to create photos and videos, I love to cook, I enjoy crafts, and heck, I’m even pregnant and constantly creating my baby inside me EVERYDAY! Creativity is just such a huge part of my life and inspires me everyday, so for this project I focused on “create”. You can find the Mormon Message created from President Uchtdorf’s talk below, this is the part of the talk my slide focuses on.

All of the photos were taken by me (www.blushcreative.co) and they display different ways to create. Some show flowers, cakes, decorations, people, love, etc. and they all mean a lot to me and represent something that has been created! I only used one font, and that is the oldstyle fond, Baskerville! I love it because it is simple and easy to read.

I received critique from two people in the class on Facebook and they mentioned trouble reading the fonts, but I think it was because it was a screen shot of all of the slides together so they were quite small. I showed the slides to my husband and a few fellow Visual Communication majors who said they read it just fine, so I decided to keep it!



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